transatlantis2012_22What do I say here? I have lived in the Puget Sound region for a long time, but was born in the bay area and attended college at UC Berkeley. My father was a diplomat specializing in Muslim countries, so I grew up in a variety of exotic places that are no longer safe for Americans.  After college I was drawn to the beauty of the Northwest: mountains, water, temperate summers, and at first the 9 month monsoon season where I could hibernate, read, write, and raise our children indoors. Indoor child rearing of course became tiresome, and over the years I learned about fleece, Gortex, and tarps.

I have a love/hate relationship with writing. It started in high school, where I wrote some really really bad poetry that I can’t stand to look at anymore. I was inspired by the work of Thomas Mann and Hermann Hesse, in particular Steppenwolf (Hesse) and “Tonio Kröger” (Mann).  I continued to write bad poetry throughout college.

As a freshman I took up Lord of the Rings on a recommendation from my high school drama teacher, and the world changed.  Since then I’ve been an avid reader of SF and Fantasy, and finally took the plunge and spent several years in the late ’70s working on an unpublished fantasy novel. The highlight of that time, in a literary context, was a one week writer’s workshop in Indiana with Ursula LeGuin. Then home ownership and children happened.

Time passed, and the children grew up and went off to college and Sharon and I decided to try a vacation in Mazatlan. The world changed again. Tropics!! The damp dreary and dismal Northwest weather was exchanged for paradise, and I got re-energized to cast some of my feelings into verse. This time I wisely linked up with a writing coach, and ended up publishing several poems in local journals, along with self-publishing two books of poetry.

I also had been tickled for years by a line in Lord of the Rings and decided that I had to write the story of the woman mentioned by Tom Bombadil. So I enlisted in Nanowrimo 2015 to get me started.  A year and a half later, I’m editing the 2nd draft of Lady of Cardolan.

Last year I decided to start this blog so I can post some of my work online. Another adventure!